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About US

We are a Mexican 100% family company founded in 1985 in the city of Taxco, Mexico. Since then we have been wholesalers and exporters of silver jewelry. The models are designed by us and manufactured entirely by hand in the different craft workshops of our suppliers.
At Pepe Domínguez Silver Jewelry we carry out the different marketing processes such as design, manufacture, distribution and sale. For us, the customer is the main thing, each piece is designed in the different trends of the different countries where the jewelry is exported; also the product is reviewed in detail to offer the quality that the client requires.
Within our designs we have a large collection of earrings, which is our specialty; we also have bracelets, necklaces, rings, charms and pieces armed with stone, each piece created with delightful elegance.
What strengthens us every day is the recognition of our customers for our excellent quality and our original designs. In Pepe Domínguez Silver Jewelry you will always find new products in vanguard, fashion and style.



Bring our jewelry all over the world in time, exceeding the expectations of our customers, delivering exceptional quality.


To be recognized as the Mexican company with the largest export of silver jewelry, satisfying the needs of our customers worldwide.

Our history

32 years ago (1985) in Taxco Guerrero (our hometown) silver was at its peak, customers from all over the world came to buy silver jewelry and literally tons were sold daily. It was not yet exported and customers had to take the goods in their bags or hire customs services to export. In that year, I met my husband Pepe Domínguez, we identified immediately, especially because we both liked the business. We made the decision to start this business as a couple, my husband took on the task of investigating how to export directly and thus we started to market silver jewelry by offering the export service. Customers were fascinated by the idea that their order could reach their stores anywhere in the world.

Pepe Dominguez Silver Jewelry

Delightful Elegance

On July 11, 1986, 10 months after we met, we got married and formally opened our company.
Our pillar and strength has always been the trust that our customers give us, which we have earned by being responsible with the deadlines and the care of quality in production.
With time Pepe and I started designing our own models exclusively for our main customer Chac Mool from Germany. To this day Anne and Dieter (owners of Chac Mool) are still our clients and now best friends.
We learned a lot from this beautiful couple, from being orderly and responsible, to the commitment of always speaking the truth.

Today we have clients in 3 of the 5 continents. Our eldest sons Luis Daniel and Veronick Domínguez, both professionals, are collaborating with us, making the family business grow more. We are a very nice family with 4 children, my two youngest daughters are still studying, one medicine and another is a singer-songwriter and studies Musical Arts. My husband and I are very proud of them.

The success of our company is the enormous communication that my husband and I have and the work force that God gave us, the love of life and always thanking God for all his blessings.

Your attentive servant, Verónica Avilés de Dominguez

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